In body, breath, mind and spirit we preserve and advance the inspired evolution of Body Contrology. This is the work of Joseph Pilates and has been articulated by our teacher, Ron Fletcher. We embody excellence and professionalism as guides on the journey that is the legacy of this work.

The Fletcher Pilates Program of Study is one of the most comprehensive and definitive Pilates educational programs of its kind. It derives from the physical conditioning method developed by Joseph and Clara Pilates in the 1920s, and expands to include its evolution and interpretation by first generation Pilates teacher Ron Fletcher.


Fletcher’s development of his now trademarked Floorwork and Towelwork repertoire has allowed for machine-less sessions that could be performed in a studio, home or workshop setting. This innovation lead to the popularity and growth of the Pilates method.


Fletcher Pilates® adds the additional element of breath work not commonly emphasized in other forms of Pilates practice. This additional piece results in improved experiences for the Pilates student seeking the ultimate workout.
We teach and mentor others in their personal transformation from strength to balance and grace.

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